Cleaning: 7 tips to make it more enjoyable!


Hi ladies!

I know , you’ve got some cleaning to do , and as always , you just aren’t motivated . However , don’t worry : here are 7 tips to make it more enjoyable!


2- comfy clothes

3-  set a timer

4- great cleaning products either vegan or even from diys or natural it changes everything

5- one room or task at a time

6-  split it up on few days and clean a little bit every day

7- share it , sharing is caring isn’t it ,so your brother ,kids or Partner knows what’s left to do ha!

So, I hope these tips were helpful don’t hesitate to share with me some or your best cleanning products or cleanning tips 😉 !



Growth : 10 reasons to learn new languages!

Hi ladies !

Have you ever felt reluctant to learn new languages , or bored enough with those you were taught at school , well here are some reasons that  : might make you want to grab a dictionary A.S.A.P !

Come on ! I know you can do it !

1- you can meet new people in your chinese class AND if you become good at it ; it can even help you raise your GPA 😉

2- you can travel all across the world


3- you can connect with more people and have meaningful conversations!

4- You never know if your soul mate is british 😉

5-  If you are bored it allows you to play with words and have fun

6- it  challenges you  to go out of your comfort one and is therefore a  self-development practice:  that you will never regret !

7- you never know what amazing opportunities abroad or raise in your job you can have speaking more languages

8_ you learn a new culture and even can immerse yourself in it and have fun

9_you gain perspective and it’s so beautiful !

10 _ it is amazing and keep your head in the right place Indeed when you are Learning a language you not only forgot about your issues but you maintain your brain functions of memory and focus !

So beautiful you know what is left to do !



Orientation: 4 questions to help you !

Hi ladies! Today I want to help you find you career, purpose or  dreamjob !

1- What could you do without being paid?

2- Where and How do you love working? Is it outside or indoors ? with animals , humans ? Is it as a 9 to 5 corporate job or on your own ? IS it by teaching or helping others or bring joy ?

3- What kind of worker are you ? Do you loe to work in teams or by yourself, are you more leader or rather a follower, do you want to create your own working conditions or don’t mind being told what to do ?

4- How do you want to make a difference in the world ? Is it joy, health, wealth , coaching,meaning,love ?

You can also try this exercise called Ikigai! Much love my ladies !!


Fashion : subtle color-block style is the new black !

Hey ladies !

If you are wondering what style to go for , let me tell you thaat subtle color block style is totally in right now !

In fact , I have been wandering in the Streets of Lyon France and it was the epiphany !

Color-block was absolutly everywhere :  is super simple and minimal ;especially with a top matching with your shoes !

So do not hesitate to be all in !

However , you might notice here that I said subtle . Indeed , it is not the clown style you see; it is more refined thanks to the whites and nudes  such as baby pink !

Now if you feel like it is not your cup of tea you can add lots of accessories that will give this final touch definetly glam chic !

AND if you don’t love it , you can go for a simple shouderless dress with one  unique color and a repetitive pattern such as florals or go for blue and white stripes which are timeless  and always awesome with a denim jacket for instance 😉  !


Mother ,Mother in my heart ,who’s the wisest of them all !

Hi ladies !

I know what you’re thinking  : mother ‘s day crisis !

Do not worry  ! I have your back !

Let’s start by this magical formula :

« mother , mother in my heart, who’s the wisest of them all »

And there is the precious moment ; when your heart screams THAT MUST BE ME !

This year I won’t do like anyone and giving you tones of DIYs and ideas but rather let you meditate on how do you want your mother to feel ? what will bring her joy according to her love language , tastes and personality !

You know your mother , more than anyone else and sometimes , the silliest act of love makes more impact than the big present !