Work spirit:your choice

« Team work, makes dream work ».

There you have it ; one phrase which resonates for a lot of us. However, what is your choice? Have you a compétition ; combinaison or community spirit?

Do you work best alone, with two or three people; or with a team or a crew?

Moreover, if you like working with people;it is pivotal to know; if you are more of  a leader or not.

Whether you are in school,at university or at work.Being aware of your work spirit: not only enables you to identify  your mindset and systems but it also contains a power. The power of shifting your focus accordingly.

As a matter of fact,this simple knowledge transforms  everything. Indeed, once you have noticed which system works best for you ;you don’t waste your time lying to yourself and making excuses. As a result ,you drive your day more efficiently,intuitivly and relaxed.


Relationships :breakups the struggle is real

« whaaat. …why. ..Never day maybe ». We have all been there.

This emptiness,sadness,frustration,unworthiness; which sucks all the energy out of  us. Not to mention, leaving you desperate, depressed or moody; and so on..and..the list goes on and on.

Breakups are not included, in fairy tales that we ve been told as kids. Hence why ,we struggle with it in our lives ;which turns out to be huge nightmares when the fog of heartbreak troubles our sky.As a result ,this ageless issue still heat the debates; around love, being single or in a relationship and love addiction.

My breakup story, is a 4-year relationship . I am still single one year later ;but it is my choice. Now, don’t get me wrong . I hav et trully suffered from that downfall. I have just decided ;that it was not my priority at the moment ;and yes it takes time, patience and courage.

So, here are some pivotal tips to keep in mind ;when it comes to breakups!

1-Some songs are just to be avoided if you want to stay away from the second tissue box

2-Some friends, might not get it; or talk about it.However, this avoidance is not always ;to take Badly.Indeed, sometimes people just do not know, what to say. So, You need to forgive them.

3- Besides, your fridge won’t be your best ally but rather the other way around.

4- Some behaviors are just natural and compulsive, therefore, you need to  be gentle on yourself.

5-yes you will heal from it. Nevertheless, I don’t know when ;but be patient and it will pay out

6– crying is OK

7– don’t jump on the next boat if your anchor is not free.

Fortunetly , it will heal with time and remember that you can survive anything and it can be the start of a new you !



Fashion : Find your Style and be yourself with these 5 questions !

« Finding our style » , easier said than done ;right !

Do not worry! In fact, you too can fit yourself in your wardrobe. Indeed ,you should  be inspired by your own desires, OK mj But how the heck do I figure what I trully want , well observe and ask yourself these questions!

1-what colors inspires you the most ?RED CORAL FLUO      nails

2-how do you want people to describe you in the street?( feminine chic modern fresh original)

3- how do you want your outfit  to make you feel? (comfortable  young lady vibrant special)

4- DO you feel yourself in it? (100%  I feel my cozy side and my modern side and my blogging side and my sweet  side and my positive and feminine side)

5-Are  your qualities decipherable through your outfit? (positive , generous dynamic intuitive creative)

Finally ,Do not  put yourself in a box you don’t have to give it a genre or unique title^^

my outfit of  today ^^


Orientation : Finding our paths a real adventure!

« What do you want to do, when you will get older » , you know it by heart right?
This article points out, our journey toward our « dream job. », »the perfect major » for us or « an enjoyable and fulfilling life ».These are our ultimate goals, and seems unachievable.

First, Let’s Talk about you at school,high-school and college: struggling to find your own voice between all these courses …

Tip1 :DO YOU! BE YOU! CHOOSE YOU! and don’t look back to see if anyone is following or don’t look ahead to guess if you can capy anyone follow your intuition , your inner voice . If your heart tells you to go all in with maths , for instance; by all means , do so ; because he decides, and at the end of the day; only your happiness should be your first priority, and then others’.

how can we follow this voice so shy , what magical pill can we take for her to speak up?

Well she is indeed, however you can choose, to give her the microphones; at times and you can do it by spending time alone .Alone time is gold time , it allows you to listen more attentively, to your inner voice;that is to say, giving her the right to say NO you are not a doctor at heart YES you are a carpenter or an artistist , NO this boy is not make you happy anymore you deserve a new one , NO this attitude is not right if you want to hit the wall well go ahead but do not ask me then cuz the after service is overloaded right now… and you know what it means

The thing is ;when someone is asking you do you love what you do , and you say yes but all your being is screaming not really you need to listen to it at least right it down so that you know for yourself cuz masks are ok with others but we could not keep a mask in front of the mirror !or else it will just trick us into thinking that we are ok when we need to stop and we feel the burnout calling saying hey call the firemens cuz i am getting bigger and bigger and one day i will broke out .

tip 2 So, yes she is shy and so treat her with care , in order words take time to listen to her through alone time and reflexion , journaling and meditation and make time for her in your life.

Tip 3 be honest with yourself, you know when I was in nursing school my heart was screeming nooo my head was saying perhaps and my mouth was screaming yes to who else wanted to know what i was doing and it gets even worse when they ask you do you love what you do cuz you are struggling too much it’s not even funny

Besides, you need to look at the vehicles she takes to transmit this information and something that i am still working on is listening to my thoughts and my body.

Tip4 it is ok to experience and to fail as long as you reflect on it and learn from it .Unfortunetly , YES it won’t always come straith away! and its ok some of us knew at first sght that our boyfriend would be our loved ones but for some others it tool time and yet you might have encountered a lot of detours before you decided that this is the right onet

tip5 observe yourself on a daily basis,your personnality who you are and try to visualise where do you see yourself where you think you would fit and not what you think others would love you see or doing or working at or have an interest in.

Now let’s say that you have your degree but now the tiger ofthe working market is haunting you and you need to go right in his mouth .
My tip would be to slow down , taking a gap year in between could be a rejuvenerative and reinvigorating experience leading you to understand who you really are and what you are trully passionate about or which field you can work into.
Tip 2 analyse your path what have you being enjoying so far ans why and here it is crucial to be as specific as possible
Tip 3 let’s jump into it , you can work for free do several trainnings and approach each field with a new eye.
Tip 4 let’s these authors be your mentors and be the perfect mentee by reading and applying the advices of these experts so buy several books in your chosen field or personnal development books which could undoubtebly change your life!
Tip 5 listen to the noisy background ask your relatives where they see you cuz they know you. However, YOU MUST be picky on which one you will give your credit .Indeed, a view can built but also destroy you and your self-esteem.
tIP6- DEVELOP YOUR SELF -CONFIDENCE you know who you really are and you can also define it every day instead of waiting for others to so it and hurt you !

Now let’s say that you have found a job but your life seems crumbling everywhere and you feel like a child in front of a huge tsunami of papers of phones calls mails junk everywhere people asking and you the perfect people pleaser ready to implose!
woah ,
tip 1 : well now is time for you to define your priorities and values . Not only would it help you to sort things out but it will give a direction and purpose into your life .
Tip2 Learn to delegate and learn to be organized or change your method , try another one DO something but the most important is that you need To take full charge of your life , because no one apart you is going to do it for you !So tip3 be responsible
Tip 4 get some help , I know ;I am the last one asking for help because of ego but let me tell you that ego is a false companion at times.Human being are suprising particularly , when you value their knowledges.

Now let’s say that you have your job you feel that you have your sheet together on the way to be a good adult nad now you feel stuck and lost because now thatyour environment is quite OK you feel a hurricane inside screaming where am I
Tip number one Play , playing can seem quite childish but in reality life is a game in which we play our own characters and so first you can literally play and give yourself room to explore your childhood and laugh and be yourself
Tip number 2 work -out, what are you crazy no no thisis not for me I know what you thik but sometimes a good one hour walk is the way to go to exude all tensions .
tIP number 3 music is your best friend and will help you destress.
Tip 4 EAT your favorite meal . Nowadays with this pursuit of the perfect ideal we forget that food can also be ecomforting and at times your favorite meal can do you no harm guarenteed;)
Tip5 be inspired , personally i love watching some blogs ,diy , youtube videos movies play or reading becaus they give me inspiration to adopt some better behaviors in my own life
Tip 6 be grateful gratitudes changes your outlook of the world !

Now let’s say that you feel fulfilled you have your job your sheets together but you feel stuck and a bit lost in your own skin

Tip 1:keep educating yourself, staying curious and moving forward
Tip 2:discover new passions and interests
Tip3: meet new people and get new acquintances and reinforce your relationships
Tip4:practice creative living which is emphasized in ELizabteh GUILBERT’s book entitked BIG MAGIC , that i definitely advise you to read!
Tip5:serve others which will broaden our horizons!

So I hope these tips will be helpful but remember yourself that regardless your age skin color complex physical apearence or issues you can become the best version of yourself and find your light and reveal it to the world so be patient and it all starts with YOU !!

Relationships: Friendships

« Find your tribe » , doesn’t it sound familiar ?

Most articles, I’ve been through these days, evocked this concept of finding your tribe; and to me it just sounds so weird.

In this article,  I will share with you:  my five tips on this topic  as well as some personnal experiences .

Indeed,I’ ve always been the little odd duck actually. I would introduce myself, to every new people; hoping they would eventually be my friend.

However, as they knew the school enough, they just let me down and I came back home crying telling to my mum .. hey it’s always the same story! I show them everything …they took what they needed and they just vanish .

Nevertheless , I never asked myself what if my  poor self-esteem comes from this first rejection and from a victim point of view it sounds like the perfect  excuse right?

So, let’s see it through the worrior point of view! let’s say that they did not stay  with me ;because they saw that I did not feel ,worthy enough to interest them .Indeeed, I would talk about random things but just as a small  talk and  not even believed them . I did not show them my views on my school  and myself .  I just played the role of the perfect little girl showing her school . Therefore , i was not seen as a round character in my own story no no i was seen as flat . but once i ve started to step out for myself and be myself I found a friend that shared my values and became my best friend !

Tip 1: You need to treat yourself as relationworthy for  the Law of Attraction will attract the good people to you! Hence, strive to be the best friend possible first and show the example

TIP 2 : Do not anticipate and over think your relationships;  because we are all human and you never know what someone has been  or is going through in his life (and in all honesty I can tell you that i am still working on this one) 😉 !

Here is my point Relationships can be seen from several points of view but sometimes we just have to live the present moment and enjoy them as they are some of  them might be totally satisfying but they are here and deserve to be considered as such.

Now talking about finding your tribe I think that I have another story to share there so here it goes;

Then growing up I was this kind of alone kid , reading in the library or listening to music but I had a secret I was blogging and at that time my true passio was music so i was in music school and was listening music on my spare time and had really various diferent tastes with 7 blogs where I would live my passion and share it  to a virtual world .I was also into singing and poetry and I wrote so many and share some with my community . I felt secure and that it filled the huge void that i felt in my life and this was my tribe so my first lesson is that you do not need a real one!

TIP 3: You can have a virtual tribe : through communities, forums , blogs, books , podcasts, youtube videos. Indeed, tribes are endless and you can choose each one of them; even through your playlist for example !

I believe that you can definitely find your tribe. but when you grow up because before 13 YEARS OLD Relationships are too unstable and hurtful. Now don’t get me wrong ,I know  some people who did it really early but  I think that you can surround yourself with thousands of people and feel lonely. Therefore , in my opinion , the real tribe will make you feel as though you are part of something… that you belong to something but is not obliged in any case but just as a  mutual relation of hearts intertwinning together !

Tip 4 : you tribe has not to be your five closest colleagues it can be your besties that you see once in a while but who heals your heart each time you connect with them.

Tip 5 : Your tribe can also means finding yourself in a group of friends but also having your family, values, views and beliefs .  As a result,  we can make a distinction between the inner-tribe  that you lead and the  external tribe which your choose to consider as such deliberatly.

Finally, it is not the end of the world! because at the end of the day : we are never really alone and you need to engrave this is your heart so that whenever you feel down or sad or about to give up remember that someone has been there too or is in the same boat as you! So that you can  find peace within you . In addition,  one of my current habit to do; so is meditation ;as well as  my Bible and prayers as a christian ; which has helped me so  much over the years.

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