Think out of the box : dare to be authentic!

Hey ladies !

The thought of an essay to do ;or an exam to prepare can be frustrating . However , you can choose to follow your own path, by thinking outside of this box

What would make your work special ? What would allow you to stand out of the crowd ?

It is time to show what we are made of my beautiful flowers  , it is time to be authentic and original .This project will be unique to you , this essay will have your print on it !

Today’s message is to allow yourself to think critically , to be authentic and create your own art . Your masterpiece! The world is waiting for your light to light up others’!



Friendships: you don’t have to fix anything, just be there!

« She has not been there for me when I needed her the most » that is a common reflection.
Friendship is not around who is able to fix the situation quicker; no it is about being there just there: your presence is enough.
Sometimes, it OK to say we don’t have all the answers but we are there for each other; to be cheerful, to help each other but also to challenge each over to move forward
Indeed,when you friend hit rock bottom ;or you are hitting rock bottom there is no such thing as the perfect solution or glue to fix the problem.
Being around listening and caring or challenge the other at times is the key.
When someone is facing huge issues you can avoid it you can banalise his feelings you can try to fix it but the real simple genuine presence does more than words would ever do.
IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND WE NEED TO BE AWEARE OF IT and BE ourselves through our presence and compassion.
YOU ARE JUST HUMAN AFTER ALL but you can choose the right attitude by simply sticking around when it gets tough without trying to always fix everything.

Work spirit:your choice

« Team work, makes dream work ».

There you have it ; one phrase which resonates for a lot of us. However, what is your choice? Have you a compétition ; combinaison or community spirit?

Do you work best alone, with two or three people; or with a team or a crew?

Moreover, if you like working with people;it is pivotal to know; if you are more of  a leader or not.

Whether you are in school,at university or at work.Being aware of your work spirit: not only enables you to identify  your mindset and systems but it also contains a power. The power of shifting your focus accordingly.

As a matter of fact,this simple knowledge transforms  everything. Indeed, once you have noticed which system works best for you ;you don’t waste your time lying to yourself and making excuses. As a result ,you drive your day more efficiently,intuitivly and relaxed.

Relationships :breakups the struggle is real

« whaaat. …why. ..Never day maybe ». We have all been there.

This emptiness,sadness,frustration,unworthiness; which sucks all the energy out of  us. Not to mention, leaving you desperate, depressed or moody; and so on..and..the list goes on and on.

Breakups are not included, in fairy tales that we ve been told as kids. Hence why ,we struggle with it in our lives ;which turns out to be huge nightmares when the fog of heartbreak troubles our sky.As a result ,this ageless issue still heat the debates; around love, being single or in a relationship and love addiction.

My breakup story, is a 4-year relationship . I am still single one year later ;but it is my choice. Now, don’t get me wrong . I hav et trully suffered from that downfall. I have just decided ;that it was not my priority at the moment ;and yes it takes time, patience and courage.

So, here are some pivotal tips to keep in mind ;when it comes to breakups!

1-Some songs are just to be avoided if you want to stay away from the second tissue box

2-Some friends, might not get it; or talk about it.However, this avoidance is not always ;to take Badly.Indeed, sometimes people just do not know, what to say. So, You need to forgive them.

3- Besides, your fridge won’t be your best ally but rather the other way around.

4- Some behaviors are just natural and compulsive, therefore, you need to  be gentle on yourself.

5-yes you will heal from it. Nevertheless, I don’t know when ;but be patient and it will pay out

6– crying is OK

7– don’t jump on the next boat if your anchor is not free.

Fortunetly , it will heal with time and remember that you can survive anything and it can be the start of a new you !



Fashion : Find your Style and be yourself with these 5 questions !

« Finding our style » , easier said than done ;right !

Do not worry! In fact, you too can fit yourself in your wardrobe. Indeed ,you should  be inspired by your own desires, OK mj But how the heck do I figure what I trully want , well observe and ask yourself these questions!

1-what colors inspires you the most ?RED CORAL FLUO      nails

2-how do you want people to describe you in the street?( feminine chic modern fresh original)

3- how do you want your outfit  to make you feel? (comfortable  young lady vibrant special)

4- DO you feel yourself in it? (100%  I feel my cozy side and my modern side and my blogging side and my sweet  side and my positive and feminine side)

5-Are  your qualities decipherable through your outfit? (positive , generous dynamic intuitive creative)

Finally ,Do not  put yourself in a box you don’t have to give it a genre or unique title^^

my outfit of  today ^^