Relationships: Friendships

« Find your tribe » , doesn’t it sound familiar ?

Most articles, I’ve been through these days, evocked this concept of finding your tribe; and to me it just sounds so weird.

In this article,  I will share with you:  my five tips on this topic  as well as some personnal experiences .

Indeed,I’ ve always been the little odd duck actually. I would introduce myself, to every new people; hoping they would eventually be my friend.

However, as they knew the school enough, they just let me down and I came back home crying telling to my mum .. hey it’s always the same story! I show them everything …they took what they needed and they just vanish .

Nevertheless , I never asked myself what if my  poor self-esteem comes from this first rejection and from a victim point of view it sounds like the perfect  excuse right?

So, let’s see it through the worrior point of view! let’s say that they did not stay  with me ;because they saw that I did not feel ,worthy enough to interest them .Indeeed, I would talk about random things but just as a small  talk and  not even believed them . I did not show them my views on my school  and myself .  I just played the role of the perfect little girl showing her school . Therefore , i was not seen as a round character in my own story no no i was seen as flat . but once i ve started to step out for myself and be myself I found a friend that shared my values and became my best friend !

Tip 1: You need to treat yourself as relationworthy for  the Law of Attraction will attract the good people to you! Hence, strive to be the best friend possible first and show the example

TIP 2 : Do not anticipate and over think your relationships;  because we are all human and you never know what someone has been  or is going through in his life (and in all honesty I can tell you that i am still working on this one) 😉 !

Here is my point Relationships can be seen from several points of view but sometimes we just have to live the present moment and enjoy them as they are some of  them might be totally satisfying but they are here and deserve to be considered as such.

Now talking about finding your tribe I think that I have another story to share there so here it goes;

Then growing up I was this kind of alone kid , reading in the library or listening to music but I had a secret I was blogging and at that time my true passio was music so i was in music school and was listening music on my spare time and had really various diferent tastes with 7 blogs where I would live my passion and share it  to a virtual world .I was also into singing and poetry and I wrote so many and share some with my community . I felt secure and that it filled the huge void that i felt in my life and this was my tribe so my first lesson is that you do not need a real one!

TIP 3: You can have a virtual tribe : through communities, forums , blogs, books , podcasts, youtube videos. Indeed, tribes are endless and you can choose each one of them; even through your playlist for example !

I believe that you can definitely find your tribe. but when you grow up because before 13 YEARS OLD Relationships are too unstable and hurtful. Now don’t get me wrong ,I know  some people who did it really early but  I think that you can surround yourself with thousands of people and feel lonely. Therefore , in my opinion , the real tribe will make you feel as though you are part of something… that you belong to something but is not obliged in any case but just as a  mutual relation of hearts intertwinning together !

Tip 4 : you tribe has not to be your five closest colleagues it can be your besties that you see once in a while but who heals your heart each time you connect with them.

Tip 5 : Your tribe can also means finding yourself in a group of friends but also having your family, values, views and beliefs .  As a result,  we can make a distinction between the inner-tribe  that you lead and the  external tribe which your choose to consider as such deliberatly.

Finally, it is not the end of the world! because at the end of the day : we are never really alone and you need to engrave this is your heart so that whenever you feel down or sad or about to give up remember that someone has been there too or is in the same boat as you! So that you can  find peace within you . In addition,  one of my current habit to do; so is meditation ;as well as  my Bible and prayers as a christian ; which has helped me so  much over the years.

mary jokes : rainbow.magazine



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